Friday 5 October 2012




Dreams bring us very important information from our subconscious. Studying and interpreting our dreams can be very helpful indeed in changing bad habits or making important decisions. There are many books on interpretation of dream images but they are not always helpful. Everyone is different and what may have significance to one person may mean something completely different to another.

We use a variety of different approaches to working with dreams. Quite often it is simply possible to address each person or thing in a dream and to ask what they represent. We can also look at each item and consider what its meaning might be in ordinary life. Eugene Gendlin has written a comprehensive book on the focusing approach to dreams, using the felt sense of the dream to determine its meaning. The Focusing approach is very helpful when working with nightmares because the dream can be worked with without the necessity of going into the story of the dream, which can trigger the extreme effects of traumatic memories.  

The metaphors in dreams bring us meanings on many different levels and working with dreams is a fascinating study.

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